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Aphidologists and their research community

Aphid conferences

11th International Symposium on Aphids, 2021, (near) Katowice, Poland

The Aphidology Community

SystemAphid. The Aphid Systematics Group is intended to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information, to publicize new developments, to develop collaborative projects, and to seek advice and opinions from colleagues regarding any aspect of aphid systematics.

Aphid Special Interest Group of the Royal Entomological Society

Encyclop'APHID of the Réseau francophone de Biologie Adaptative des Pucerons et des Organismes Associés - INRA, Rennes

The International Aphid Genomics Consortium

Aphidologists' pages

Colin Favret Lab of insect systematics and diversity

Andy Jensen's aphid blog, AphidTrek

Mohsen Mehrparvar's Aphidology

Gexia Qiao's Group of Systematics and Evolution of Aphids

Petr Starý's Laboratory of Aphidology

Alex Wilson Group